Car Protection for your vehicle includes Paint Protection to give your vehicle a glossy finish for longer.
Car protection for the interior of your vehicle, creating a powerful barrier against stains and fading.
And Electronic Rustproofing Car Protection, stopping rust and corrosion in its tracks.


Electronic Rust Proofing Price

The NECCS (Nilrust Electronic Corrosion Control System) uses a process called capacitive coupling. Both a negative and electrostatic field are induced through the vehicle, reducing the rate which oxygen and the body steel combine. Corrosion is then reduced or stopped.

Covered by a 10 year warranty (conditions apply) and Manufactured in Australia.


Paint Protection Prices

Enduroshield is a total paint protection program, designed to provide the best protection for your vehicles paintwork against fading, oxidation, staining, pitting, petrol, oil and detergents.

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Nilrust Protection Packages.



Nilrust Fabric Protection, Fabshield protects the interior from constant usage and wear, using superior science and technology to coat, seal and protect upholstery and carpets. Simply clean up spills and marks with a damp cloth.

Nilrust Plastic and Leather protection gives treated surfaces added protection from shrinkage, cracking, splitting and discolouration caused by harmful UV rays.

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